1720779976 edit 1Building trust with your clientele is one of the most critical aspects of keeping your current dental patients and attracting new ones. With a solid foundation of trust you establish a positive reputation, which gets you greater community acceptance, more referrals, and a growing practice.

A positive reputation for your dental practice, online and off, is worth its weight in gold, because it tells prosepctive patients how trustworthy you are. It is also one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. What can you do to build trust?

  • Patients first. To build trust with patients, address their needs and concerns. You don’t have to do a hard sell on the importance of regular checkups, or on procedures like dental implants. When a need is there, the best way to address it naturally comes up. Find out what their goals are. That way you can help to fulfill them.
  • Show and tell. Before you tell a patient they need a follow-up appointment, show them their X-rays to explain your diagnosis. Let them know what will happen if the issue is left untreated, and what needs to be done to correct it. Answer any and all questions they may have, and let them know you understand and care.
  • Be consistent. This is one of the best ways to build trust. Patients who have consistently good experiences with you and your practice will appreciate that, and are much more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Your reputation for trustworthiness can be channeled into positive online reviews – one of the best ways to attract new patients. ProspectaMarketing can help you leverage these into your marketing strategy. We are an experienced Internet marketing firm specializing in dental practices and the tools of Internet marketing. We help you reach key prospects who are looking for what your practice has to offer. Our unique and thorough approach provides visibility, financial accountability, and ongoing refinement and improvement. You can find out more by contacting Lane Anderson toll-free at 1-877-322-4440 Ext 101, by email using the form on our Contact Us page, or online at ProspectaMarketing.com.