What is Dental SEO?

Dental search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of maximizing the number of prospective patients that visit your website. This is accomplished by using methods to improve the likelihood that your website(s) appear high up in the search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo for search terms that are important to you. The ultimate goal of dental website SEO is to drive as much organic (not using paid advertisements) traffic to your website as possible. Once on your website, patients can complete a valuable action such as contacting your practice, making a phone call, or scheduling a consultation.

The Power of Dental SEO

The first organic mobile listing gets 27.7% of clicks.
(SEOClarity, 2019)

What are the Benefits of Dental Practice SEO?

SEO for dentists is one of the most effective methods for reaching prospective patients while they’re in the online searching process. Some of the benefits of search engine optimization for dental practices include:

  • Increased Website Traffic – Search engine optimization is part of a balanced dental internet marketing strategy in that it brings in organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic makes it way to your website naturally instead of having a paid advertisement direct it there. Ultimately, more traffic means more opportunities for website visitors to become patients.
  • Higher Quality Leads – It’s no accident when a patient finds their way to your website organically. The organic traffic that dental SEO brings to your website consists primarily of searchers who are interested in a treatment that you offer and have optimized your website for. Dental SEO enables you to target patients further along in the research process by using finely tuned dentistry keywords. The result is more qualified leads.
  • A More User-Friendly Website – A critical part of dental SEO is making your website more patient-friendly. Site speed, easy navigation, and compelling website content are all within the purview of our dental SEO team. Our goal is to get as much out of your website as possible.
  • Brand Awareness – A website that consistenly appears on page one in the search results catches the attention of potential patients and gives the impression of trustworthiness. Dental SEO helps to improve awareness of your practice by prospective patients.

Why Choose Prospecta Marketing for Dental Website SEO?

Measurable Results

Using our proprietary weighted visibility metric we are able to track and share the progress of our SEO efforts.

Optimization of Multiple Search Engines

To ensure you get the most out of dental SEO, we optimize your website not only for Google, but also for Bing and Yahoo.

Focus on a Wide Range of Dental Treatments

With over a decade of experience, you can rest assured that we know dentistry. From teeth whitening to dental implants, we are well-versed in which keywords to target for you. We even account for regional differences in search habits.

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