Prospecta focuses on two critical success factors to market your business over the internet:

  • Internet Marketing – Driving traffic to your website
  • Conversion – Turning website visitors into buyers
Internet Marketing – Driving traffic to your website: Skillfully using the tools of internet search marketing, we reach key prospects who are seeking what you have to offer. Research and strategy help deliver the right message to the right prospects at the right time. We use a variety of tools to accomplish that:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Using careful keyword research and sound techniques, we will to help you optimize your rankings in the search results. Your rankings are monitored and reported so you can see the progress.
  • Paid Placement (PPC) – using Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns, we develop, track and analyze your keyword advertising and optimize your campaign to meet the goals to grow your business. Your campaign will be customized to achieve budget, traffic volume, % of sales, or ROAS (Return on Advertising Spending) objectives. Your results are reported and reviewed with you each month.
  • Other Internet Marketing Opportunities – we can also assist you in submitting to directories, shopping sites and developing other strategic internet opportunities to reach your key prospects. We also work with you to cultivate your new customers by thoughtfully marketing to them with e-mail campaigns that encourage them to return for repeat business.

Conversion – Turning website visitors into buyers: Making sure your positioning and marketing message are on target help convert visitors to buyers. We pay attention to other factors that influence the buying process such as easy navigation, smooth purchase process, competitive pricing, and security for buyers. With tools to evaluate your web traffic and careful analysis, we will assist you in developing a website that encourages your visitors to buy and return again.

For more information on how we can assist you in growing your business, contact us.