1450907255When they first go into practice, many dentists assume that delivering outstanding dental care will be enough to succeed. But soon enough, many of them come to realize that a dental practice, perhaps first and foremost, is a business.

No matter the product or service involved, the business of running a business is demanding. Dentistry is a specialized field, and the stress of delivering ourstanding care while managing the enterprise can take a toll on your chairside manner. How do you hang on to your existing patients, bring new patients in, and consistently deliver excellent dental care?


The answer lies in effective marketing. When it’s done right, marketing your practice can keep you profitable and stimulate new growth, and still allow you focus on why you went to dental school in the first place.

What exactly is marketing? It is related to advertising, but is more than that: it involves identifying potential patients and finding the most effective ways of getting your name before them.

One element of marketing is establishing your practice’s brand. That word, “branding,” may invoke images of corporations and vast budgets. What it really means for a small practice is identifying the services you do best and would like to do the most. It’s the why of your practice: the reason why patients should choose you over every other dentist in town.

New practices seem to open every day, but you can get a leg up on  the competition. ProspectaMarketing is an experienced Internet marketing firm specializing in dental practices and the tools of Internet marketing. We help you reach key prospects who are looking for what your practice has to offer. Our unique and thorough approach provides visibility, financial accountability, and ongoing refinement and improvement. You can find out more by contacting Lane Anderson toll-free at 1-877-322-4440 Ext 101, by email using the form on our Contact Us page, or online at ProspectaMarketing.com.