There are no two ways about it: in order to grow your dental practice, you need positive online reviews. How important are they? According to one survey, half of the people who were asked said they would go to an out-of-network dentist who had good online reviews!

444243769Good reviews mean more than drawing in new patients, of course. They raise your online profile (your reputation) and help you keep your current patients. You cannot put a pricetag on patients who are happy with the services you provide, and are willing to tell the world about it.

The Reviews Are In

These days virtually everyone has access to the Internet, and most people have a smartphone in their pocket or purse. They can check online reviews at a moment’s notice. People trust online reviews because they’re written by everyday people: their friends and neighbors.

  • 85% trust patient reviews as much or more as the recommendations of family or friends
  • 73% put more trust in a local business with good reviews
  • 86% of people choose a dentist based on patient reviews
  • 60% make an appointment with a practice after reading positive reviews

Getting Reviews

In today’s competitive environment it’s essential that your dental practice not only has a marketing plan, but has one that encourages reviews from your patients and uses them constructively.

The first step, of course, is to provide good services. This is what keeps patients coming back, and has them willing to share their experiences.

What’s the best way to encourage a patient to review your practice? A good strategy is to follow up an appointment with a polite request for feedback. You can do that with a text message or an email. Most people are happy to comply.

It’s okay to suggest a particular review site. Google is easily the most important, but Facebook is also really good, as is Yelp.

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