Positive online reviews are critical to the success of your dental practice. How critical? They’re second only to your outstanding dental care. Virtually everyone reads them before deciding whether to book an appointment.

245624101 edit 1By online reviews, we mean those written by your patients. They appear on Google My Business and similar platforms, and are influential because they represent real-world experience. Study after study has demonstrated that people trust online reviews as much or more than the recommendations of their friends and family members.

Online Reviews

New statistics about the importance of online reviews of local businesses, like dental practices, are particularly eye-opening. The numbers were compiled by BrightLocal, a local marketing firm.

  • 93% of all consumers searched the Internet to find a local business during 2020.
  • 34% searched every single day.
  • 87% read online reviews, up from eighty-one percent from the previous year.

As you might guess, it’s good to have plenty of positive online reviews. But more important is that there are fresh ones. As far as most consumers are concerned, newer is better.

  • 50% only read reviews written within the last two weeks.
  • 73% only consider those written within the last month.
  • 86% read those from the previous three months.

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