Relaxed,Mature,Old,60s,Woman,,Older,Middle,Aged,Female,CustomerIt’s been two years since Google introduced its “mobile-first” policy. Since that time the trend toward smartphones and tablets as the preferred means of Internet access has only increased. Everyone has a smartphone now. Some trend-watchers say they more common than toothbrushes!

“Mobile first” means that when users search for something, Google first  evaluates the mobile version of a website for indexing and ranking search results.

If your site isn’t mobile-ready you are at a competitive disadvantage. It may look great on your laptop, but Google may not find it. You end up missing out on a huge pool of potential new patients.

Are You Mobile-Ready?

You may have heard that some web designs work well across the board: laptops, desktops, and smartphones. To a certain extent that is true. But the best approach is to make sure that everything on your site, from design to content, is optimized for mobile devices.

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