For your dental practice to remain competitive in today’s market, it’s essential to stay on top of current marketing trends. Doing so will help you draw in new patients, and thrive.

shutterstock_327361349_resizedOne of the most important is a video strategy: that is, high quality video content on your practice website. That does not mean you’ll need to hire an expensive video crew, or buy a lot of fancy equipment. All you really need is a smartphone and some video editing software.

You may be wondering: Why? It’s a fair question. The short answer is also rather jarring: a whopping eighty percent of the content consumed by Internet users is video. There is no better way to reach potential patients.

And what sort of videos? It can range from basic to informative.  Really basic stuff is useful: employees in your office and scenes of various procdures are a good start. Patient testimonials are extremely effecitve, too. You’ll need the permission of any patients who might appear, of course. Chances are that some will be flattered, and happy to help.

For informative videos, draw on your professional expertise. You can answer common questions about different procedures, tools, and techniques, and offer dental health tips. Ask a hygienist to describe what goes on during a cleaning.

The finished video doesn’t need to look like something you might see on television: just string together a series of interesting shots, add some music, and you’ve got something special. Video editing software is simple to use, and there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help get you started.

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