199281941 edit 1Everyone needs to see the dentist for their dental health. While the main function of any practitioner is excellent dental care, it is equally important to ensure the growth of the practice by bringing in new patients. The Internet, and social media in particular, is the ideal tool for this.

Your online presence is more important than ever. More than any other communications tool, the Internet lets you engage with patients and would-be patients in ways that build trust and improve your standing in your community.

Everyone Is Online!

Promoting your practice on the Internet is called digital marketing, and it will only get more important in the years ahead. The reason is clear: everyone is online.

  • 313 million people in the United States are active Internet users
  • 90% of Americans use the Internet
  • 77% of prospective patients research dentists with search engines
  • 44% of those searching on a mobile device will schedule an appointment

Social media is a steadily growing segment of the Internet, and dental practices that use it effectively are reaching more patients than ever before. This is reflected in improved profit margins.

Social media allows you to connect with members of your community by sharing your expertise. By establishing yourself as a professional who is happy to forge connections with your neighbors, you are already part of the conversation when people start asking for recommendations.

ProspectaMarketing can get you started. We are an Internet marketing firm specializing in dental practices and the tools of Internet marketing. We help you reach key prospects who are looking for what your practice has to offer. Our unique and thorough approach provides visibility, financial accountability, and ongoing refinement and improvement. You can find out more by contacting Lane Anderson toll-free at 1-877-322-4440 Ext 101, by email using the form on our Contact Us page, or online at ProspectaMarketing.com.