In an ideal world, dentists would spend most of their time treating patients. That’s why you became a dentist in the first place, right? But we live and work in the real world, and paying close attention to the business side of your practice is essential.

127690178The way that you succeed in a competitive marketplace, of course, is to provide outstanding dental care. That, and by attracting new patients. Bringing in new patients requires an ongoing strategy. That means marketing, and the best way to market your practice is to do it online.

Billions and Billions

These days everyone has a smartphone in their pocket or purse, and we use them for just about everything. We barely even call them phones anymore; they are devices!

Consider these jarring survey results:

  • Forty six percent of those asked said they reach for their device first thing in the morning – before their feet hit the floor!
  • More than two billion people worldwide are on Facebook, and there are more than one billion active Instagram accounts.
  • Eighty percent of American consumers find local businesses with Google Maps.

Promoting your dental practice on the Internet is a simple way to reach a vast audience.

One of the big benefits of online marketing is that it’s much more cost efficient than traditional marketing. Your ads are more focused and localized.  You also get a much better idea of see people interact with your online ads; you can see which are the most effective. The greater “bang for your buck” means a higher returns on investment.

Digital marketing for dentists is growing year by year, and is the best way to grow your practice. ProspectaMarketing is an Internet marketing firm specializing in dental practices and the tools of Internet marketing. We help you reach key prospects who are looking for what your practice has to offer. Our unique and thorough approach provides visibility, financial accountability, and ongoing refinement and improvement. You can find out more by contacting Lane Anderson toll-free at 1-877-322-4440 Ext 101, by email using the form on our Contact Us page, or online at