Here’s an experiment you might want to try: the next time you have a new patient come in for a checkup, ask what made them schedule the appointment with your practice. It almost certainly was not an arbitrary choice, and probably had something to do with reading your online reviews.

shutterstock_1011918616_edit_01There is no overstating it: online reviews matter. Encouraging your existing patients to share their thoughts about you online should be a big part of your marketing strategy. Study after study bears out how effective online reviews and testimonials are.

A Big Difference

The numbers vary slightly depending on the source, but they all tell the same story: online reviews can make a big difference.

  • 72 percent of patients say positive online reviews and testimonials give them more confidence in a practice
  • 88 percent trust online reviews as much as the recommendations of friends
  • 92 percent of consumers read online reviews and testimonials when looking for goods and services, like dentists

Not only do positive online reviews influence potential new patients, they also influence Google search results. The importance of that, too, cannot be overstated. Google recognizes review sites and gives them great weight. The more positive reviews you have, the higher you will rank.


So how do you get these coveted reviews? Well, it’s a funny thing. Even though most people read online reviews, and value them, most don’t bother to write any themselves. Even the patients who are happy with you are not likely to share their experience online.

shutterstock_100184054_edit_01That means you have to encourage them. Providing great services is an excellent first step.

Beyond that:

  • Always ask how an appointment went. This can invite feedback, and lead a patient to write a review.
  • Ask for a review. The direct approach can work! If it feels funny to ask, send a follow-up text message or email within a day or two of the appointment, inviting the patient’s valued opinion.
  • Make it easy. If you send an email or text, be sure to include a link to your online profile, such as Facebook and Google My Business.

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