To bring new patients to your dental practice you have to let them know you’re there. That means using the power of the Internet to spread the word. What’s the best approach? A killer website? Social media? Or is there a new platform emerging?

shutterstock_288951617_edit_01_resizedThe answer is that there are multiple systems at your disposal, and you should be taking advantage of  them all. It’s the best way to reach as many prospective patients as possible.

Casting A Wide Net

Whether they’re looking for a restaurant, a dry cleaner, or a new dentist, virtually everyone turns to the Internet. That isn’t going to change anytime soon. Consumer survey after consumer survey bears this out:

  • 92 percent read review sites when they are looking for services like dental practices
  • 88 percent trust the online reviews they read as much or more as personal recommendations
  • 72 percent say that positive reviews give them more trust in a practice

The beauty of the Internet is that is puts an enormous amount of information at our fingertips. Consider this scenario: someone just moved to town and is looking for a new dentist. They want to find a provider they can take the whole family to. The first step? A Google search that turns up a list of local dentists, each within a few miles of home.

From there, they will probably read some Facebook or Google reviews. There are plenty of them. These reviews, written by their new neighbors who have had experience with these local dentists, will tell them which practices best fit their needs and have good reputations.

These lesson here? Your dental practice must cast the widest net possible, with a presence on online channels like social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), email, YouTube, and pay-per-click ads. It’s the best way to attract new patients.

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