Authoritative content, informative content, and blog posts go hand in hand with SEO success. However, many modern search algorithms favor dynamic interactivity that’s difficult for bots to interpret.

Will plain old text-based articles still reign in SEO in 2021, or will other mediums take center stage? 
With SEO evolving so rapidly, it’s tricky to keep up with best practices for achieving top rankings. Many SEO practitioners agree that content marketing is still the key to great rankings and traffic volume. 
Whether your goal is to seize premium ranking positions for high-traffic keywords or to build user engagement and conversions, content is a powerful  tool.
To achieve your goals, you’ll need to understand how the most recent SEO and content marketing trends may affect your search presence. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what might be coming in 2023.

AI-Powered Content

By 2023, 50 percent of all content created will be produced using AI (artificial intelligence). While AI-powered content may seem new to SEO, the use of machines to create or improve content has been happening for years. Blog post titles and header tags are usually automatically generated, and bots create most contact form descriptions.
However, humans still create the majority of SEO tool content, including bots’ manuals, many of which are AI-powered. As AI continues to advance, so will the content created using machine help.
While AI-driven content may present challenges for search engines in its early stages, bots are getting better at reading and interpreting this content. When well-developed, AI-powered content can improve SEO rankings and web presence without excessive manual editing.
Clinical Trial Data in Content Marketing
As the world becomes increasingly concerned with corporate and consumer ethics, honesty, and safety, data-driven content may take the leading role in SEO and content marketing. Clinical trial data offers a compelling perspective on products and services, whether you’re  praising or criticizing a company.
While it’s up to visitors to interpret clinical trial data and its implications, this content format can build trust and credibility with visitors, which may drive commitment and customer conversions. Clinical trial data may also help you combat censorship and spam filters.
While creating this data-driven content, however, marketers must be mindful of compliance and regulations. It’s also difficult to collect and organize this information for most companies. However, if done well, clinical trial data can improve a brand’s reputation, reach critical audiences, and drive product sales.
Content Writing on Technical Subjects
AI and technical topics are emerging as leading content themes for many brands, including writers, marketers, and publishers who want to expand their audience reach.
 AI-driven content can help writers explore these subjects in a way that’s accessible to non-experts while still holding interest for experts. Technical content can also elevate a brand’s reputation by demonstrating accountability and transparency toward customers, competitors, and the community at large.
While technical content may be challenging to produce without technical expertise yourself, good writers can learn the basics and then create engaging narratives around those basics. Technical content can improve SEO rankings through repetition and the authority earned by publishing accurate information numerous times. 

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