Google has been the search engine of choice for years, and there is no understating the importance of getting a high ranking in its search results. But there are other search functions out there, and they too are important to the marketing of your dental practice.

smartphone_11a_vidAs a case in point, consider YouTube. As we have described elsewhere on this blog, video embedded into your dental practice website is an essential part of its content. To put it plainly, most of your site visitors will prefer watching a short video than to reading.

YouTube is by far the most most-used video site on the Internet. Industry observers say it is searched three billion times each month, making it second only to Google in search traffic. Your videos may be embedded on your site, but they should live on YouTube. They need to be properly optimized so more people will find them when they search there.

Your videos should be built around a keyword, an informative word that indicates what content is about, and that search engines identify. Did you make a video about teeth whitening? Then “teeth whitening” should be its keyword. It should appear not only in the video’s title, but in its filename and its description.

laptop_06a_vidProperly optimizing a video is probably more important than the video’s appearance. A do-it-yourself video shot on your smartphone, and uploaded with minimal editing, is fine. After all, you have an excellent subject matter expert: yourself. Video is the driving factor between most Internet search traffic. So draw on your expertise and make informative videos. Embed them on your practice website, and share them on social media, too.

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