At ProspectaMarketing, we want the dental practices we represent to consistently increase the impact of their digital presence. In order to facilitate this, we utilize major applications, like Google Analytics, as well as advanced digital SEO tools. But, what can you do? Is there any way that you, as a dentist or dental team member, can support your online marketing campaign?

Of course there is! However, our team knows how hard it can be to participate in your marketing campaign once it has launched. When a professional marketing team plans and designs so many aspects of the practice’s image, it can often feel like your input is not necessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Our team works with you to delineate marketing objectives. We prioritize your needs as a practice and tailor our services to your unique local and SEO strategies. This ensures that your message is being delivered as effectively as possible; but, most importantly, it ensures that it remains your message.

In order to help you out, our incredible team has put together a list of tips and tricks. These are all things you can do to make sure the framework Prospecta has helped you put in place yields the results you want!

How to Ensure Success In Your Marketing Strategy

  1. Effective Website Copy: We’ve written at length about this on previous articles, but we can’t stress it enough! Writing engaging, unique website copy is crucial to keeping potential patients on your website once they’ve found it. As a team, we employ a vast number of digital processes to ensure that your page landings increase, but it’s up to you to make sure that, once those patients “land,” so to speak, the website they are reading is grammatically correct, matches your service tabs, and is easy to use.
  2. Unique Visual Media: Pictures and videos are gold. In an age of immediate digital interaction and decreased attention spans, having visual media that is unique, represents your audience accurately, and stands out from the crowd is an absolute must. When designing your website, managing your advertising, or even editing a blog post, make sure to avoid blurry images, compressed files, and awkwardly sized media. Make sure that any and all image licenses are still valid; if they’re not, ensure that no images were replaced by dead links when they expired. Keep videos short but image/audio quality high. Scrub any unnecessary metadata from images (especially if they contain patient information!) Only use three font types on your website and make sure your aesthetics match on all social media, sites, or apps that represent your practice.
  3. High Review Response Rate: Something else we’ve focused on before are online reviews. It is absolutely crucial to encourage AND respond to reviews. Inform your entire dental team of this objective and make sure they are trained to follow up every interaction with a friendly: “If you enjoyed your experience, please leave us a review!” Using e-mail and text-based marketing, you can even follow up with them after visits to ensure that they don’t forget. Once your review numbers are high and consistent, respond to every review. Good experiences will be solidified in the patient’s mind, and it also offers an opportunity to clear the air about misunderstandings. When responding to a negative review, don’t be defensive. Be understanding, apologize for the inconvenience (when it’s reasonable), and ensure the patient that any interactions moving forward will be positive.
  4. Basic Understanding of Google Analytics: While we handle things like web presence, SEO, and leads, it’s always a good thing when a dental team has a basic understanding of online analytics. At Prospecta, we use Google Analytics to assess a website’s performance. It offers many metrics, but one of the most important ones is Page Landings. We encourage all our practices to familiarize themselves with this tool. At the very least, you should know how many people are viewing your site and how that number changes with each shift in your strategy.
  5. Variety of Content: Though easy for practices that offer a variety of service pages on their website, variety of content is harder when you represent a specialized clinic. However, it’s not impossible. If, for example, you only offer TMJ and Sleep Apnea treatment, you can split up your topics into “The Causes of TMJ,” The Benefits of TMJ Treatment,” “Sleep Apnea Treatment Options”, “What is Sleep Apnea?” and many more. This creates diversity of content even in the most specific content areas.
  6. Google Index Rate: The Google Index constantly sends out bots out to scour the internet for unique content. So, while this is connected to our previous point, it focuses on unique content more specifically. Make sure to avoid cookie-cutter text and that your written content is specifically tailored to your practice. Google will not index a website that doesn’t have a high percentage of unique word and phrase permutations. If you want to ensure that you show up first on search results and that your web presence is pronounced, you’ll want to focus on this point specifically.

Our team is ready to help you get your message across to your audiences. We can help you manage your advertising efforts and attract new patients.

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