At ProspectaMarketing, we provide a host of invaluable services for our affiliated dental practices. From local listings to search engine optimization, we can help your team take advantage of a wide-ranging digital marketing campaign that can help you become a household name in your area. One of the unique ways in which we do this is through the use of specialized blog content.

Blogs might seem like a section of your marketing campaign that you could probably leave by the wayside. After all, they are read less and less each year. Patients often prioritize other, more informational, less subjective sections of your site over the content in the blog. So, in terms of leads – that is, the amount of avenues for patient acquisition that a certain piece of digital copy provides for the practice – blogs are not doing much of the heavy lifting.

However, our team strongly recommends keeping and updating a blog on your website. Though it might not be the most accessed section of your digital hub, and the blog might not provide direct clicks by interested patients, well-written, customized content can provide several major benefits to your practice that far exceed any costs. Our team has listed some of the benefits below.

  1. Site Accessibility: First and foremost, a blog provides a place for visitors to find certain subjects you might not have an entire page about, or else makes the site more accessible for people who are looking for information. Certain messages cannot be properly expressed through copy, and benefit greatly from customized communication avenues. Examples of content a blog can prioritize include yearly and monthly events, charity drives, upcoming changes to your services, reduced or altered hours, and patient feedback.
  2. SEO, Location, and Key Words: A blog service that is tailored to local SEO strategies can prioritize keywords, locations, and a proper digital pathway for visibility. While it’s true that the blog post as a whole might not be scanned for details, the pages within it provide more pages of content filled with those attractive key terms that search engines like to prioritize. The more pages like this on your site, the more likely you are to provide online visibility for your practice.
  3. Google Index: This leads neatly into our next point; the Google Index is a tool that any and all dental teams must take advantage of. The company itself describes the index as a solution for the internet’s “ever-growing library, with billions of books and no central filing system.” It works just like a real index in a book, providing a list of websites for Google to add to their search engine. The algorithm sends out “crawler bots” to scan your website for new, fresh, original content. If they find any, the bots will index those unique pages and store the information at Google, which then prioritizes them in search results. A blog is a perfect way to keep fresh content regularly appearing on the site. Unlike the rest of your pages, which must remain somewhat static so that patients can have a consistent perspective on your services, a blog can provide new content every week!
  4. Variety: Blogs can cover sections of your marketing effort that have not received as much attention or funding. If your practice specializes on implant dentistry, but has just received new technology for teeth whitening, you can use a blog to immediately begin adding content regarding your new service. The possibilities are endless, and regularly scheduled blog posts can enable you to add new elements to your existing campaign without needing to restructure and retool your core goals.

But the one of the most important ways in which keeping an up-to-date blog can help you is the opportunity to establish your website and practice’s authority.

Website Authority vs Website Visibility

There are two general types of blog posts you can include on your page.

Firstly, there’s what we like to call an “SEO Blog Post.” This is a customized blog post that deals with a regional service and primarily uses local SEO to concentrate key words and locations in one place on your site. Locations are often included in the title and text, so that our Local Listings department can keep track of their traction and visibility. This kind of post is primarily used as a tool for fostering search indexing, as mentioned previously. It can help your visibility.

The second kind of post is what we call a “Site Authority Blog Post.” This sort of post often forgoes local SEO in order to provide truly authentic material. They cover raw medical and dental knowledge and can be used to establish a sense of trustworthiness in your status as an industry leader. However, it can be difficult to provide original content on subjects that have already been studied for years. Considering there’s an ocean of websites out there, crawling with bots, this can also mean that reaching a non-local audience is too daunting to consider.

So, while this sort of post has the potential to be the most beneficial, you must make sure that the text is fresh, new, and somehow different from anything else on the web. Examples include: new technologies, research, the medical background of the dentist and their team, and any unique ethos, mission, or angle your practice uses to differentiate itself from others.

At ProspectaMarketing, we can help you establish website authority and visibility through original website copy and custom blog content. We are an experienced Internet marketing firm specializing in dental practices and the tools of Internet marketing. We help you reach key prospects who are looking for what your practice has to offer. Our unique and thorough approach provides visibility, financial accountability, and ongoing refinement and improvement. You can find out more by contacting Lane Anderson toll-free at 1-877-322-4440 Ext 101, by email using the form on our Contact Us page, or online at