A picture, we have always been told, is worth a thousand words. But new research is telling us that lots of pictures, posted to your Google My Business profile, are worth even more.

apple-diet-healthy-eating-41282A study by BrightLocal, an SEO and local citation company, found that the more images a business has on its GMB profile – not just photographs, but any images – result in that business attracing many more prospects than it would have with fewer images.

The study looked at the GMB Insights of 45,000 businesses in three dozen industries and four countries. “It’s clear,” wrote BrightLocal’s Jamie Pitman, “that it’s more important than ever to look your absolute best when consumers are searching for businesses like yours.”

In other words, don’t just tell ’em what you’ve got – show them.

The study found that businesses with more than 100 GMB images get:

  • 520% more calls than the average business
  • 1,065% more website clicks
  • 2,717% more directions requests

The authors of the study concede that their research does not necessarily indicate a cause-and-effect between GMB profile images and new business. But they stress that GMB images do have an influence on customer behavior. The more images there are suggests the greater likelihood of taking customers “from discovery to conversion.”

The study recommends finding creative ways to encourage patients to post their own pictures. One suggestion is to create an “Instagram wall.” By that, they mean an area in your office that clients would find irresistable for using in selfies, like a model or mural.

The takeaway? Post lots and lots of great pictures of your practice to your GMB profile! That includes pictures that your customers are willing to share.

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