1713552559Virtually everyone is on the Internet, and most of us use it to decide whether we will go to one local business or another. We read online reviews, like those on Google My Business, to help us make up our minds. Dental practices rank among the very top of the local businesses people read reviews about.

These reviews are written by other consumers – everyday people, your friends and neighbors – and because of this, they carry an enormous amount of weight.

When it comes to online reviews, the newer they are the better. As we reported here earlier this year, most of those who read online reviews won’t bother with one that is more than a month old.

Label Me!

Google, of course, is well aware of this. Late last year the search engine giant began testing a label on Google My Business reviews that identified which ones were “new” – that is, no more than one month old. It appears Google liked the results, because that “new” label began to appear regularly in local reviews this spring. That means that consumers can, at a glance, now identify the freshest, most relevant reviews.

Never underestimate the power of fresh reviews.

  • 73% of consumers only read reviews written within the previous month
  • 69%  of consumers disregard reviews older than three months
  • 93% of consumers search for local businesses online; up to a third of these search for one every day!
  • 87% of these consumers read online reviews more often in 2020, up a remarkable 81% from 2019. (This may be due, at least in part, to COVID-19.)

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