Prospecta can assist your company in creating proprietary new products or services with a foundation in a meaningful customer need or opportunity. Extensive market research is an important part of our process to understand consumer needs in your business category and validate developing concepts with their features and benefits.

Our Exploration and Development process is designed to develop a clear understanding of the market to be sure the product or service is rooted in a genuine need or want that will sustain its sales for long-term success. The Exploration phase focuses on the market while the Development phase will tailor the offering to the market. Our process ensures that there is:

  • Clarity in understanding the customer needs and desired benefits that provide the foundation for the new product or service,
  • Focused new product or service development work to meet those desires of the consumer,
  • Validation that the offering meets those needs and provides the desired benefits,
  • Determination of how to most effectively package that offering for the customer,
  • Understanding of who the prime prospects for this product or service are and what media will reach them most effectively ,
  • Formulation of the message strategy that will communicate what the product or service is and why it is better than anything else they can buy,
  • Development of a channel strategy, including customer care, that will effectively deliver the product or service to valued customers.

In the development phase, Prospecta can assist you with the important task of creating valuable intellectual properties that build equity in the business. Working with legal counsel, we can help you in developing and protecting proprietary trademarks to protect the identity of the product and patents that can give the business a sustainable advantage in the marketplace.

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