Prospecta can assist you by developing sound business strategy and marketing plans. During the past twenty years, the founder’s marketing experience has ranged from growing major national brands for Fortune 500 companies to launching an internet marketing campaign for a fledgling new product.

In our Marketing Consulting, the key principles remain the same regardless of the size of the business or the industry. Our marketing plan development will:

  • Identify the unique product or service benefits that appeal most to consumers and will distinguish the offering from competitors,
  • Determine if there are needed changes to the product or service to deliver that package of benefits better than anyone else on the market,
  • Develop packaging strategy that will most effectively communicate what the product is and what its benefits are for the purchaser,
  • Formulate the positioning or message that should be communicated to your consumers,
  • Use the media channel that can most cost-effectively deliver that message to the target prospects,
  • And deliver the product cost-effectively through the proper channels.

Market research is an essential element of our marketing development process to better understand the needs of your customers and test the strategies to ensure they are effective for your customers.  Prospecta has a variety of market research tools it employs to develop sound marketing strategy and plans. Market research can be conducted in your city, in Denver or nationally depending on the needs of the business.

Prospecta is dedicated to finding the right combination of marketing variables that will deliver a profitable bottom line for the business.  We can also help you identify the most appropriate strategic growth opportunities for your business.

Prospecta will also evaluate the broader business model to ensure that the marketing plan is consistent with the goals and economics of the entire business.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you grow your business.